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Features Zurich, Switzerland 19-03-2020

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Power Grids launches Market Intelligence Portal (MIP)

Market Intelligence Portal (MIP)

Market Intelligence is the fuel that helps businesses grow faster and compete more effectively. Power Grids (PG) is now launching its dedicated Market Intelligence Portal (MIP) (VPN required) for the standalone business, bringing the latest insights on the economy, markets, competitors, and customers to your fingertips. The new platform connects PG’s distributed business intelligence network, enabling everyone to contribute to our market intelligence database.

The focus for the MIP is on strategic demand-side intelligence, covering three primary topics:

  • Economy – Economic outlooks and in-depth analyses, economic indicators, commodities
  • Markets – Insights from a solutions/product perspective and a customer sector perspective
  • PG’s Competitors and Customers

At the core of the portal is a single market intelligence database with a clear structure and mandatory tagging by pre-set categories. Functionality allows for effective searching by tags so that different paths yield to the same result. While the MIP is managed by the Market Intelligence central team, all PG employees can access, identify, and share content in three categories:

  • Research – reports, data, intelligence
  • Sources – databases or non-shareable reports and the person who has access to them
  • Experts – PG colleagues who are experts for a particular industry, product, region, etc.

By nature of its design, the effectiveness of the MIP is dependent on the active participation of PG’s broad intelligence community. Colleagues are strongly encouraged to access the portal, activate alerts to stay updated, and contribute so that everyone in the business stays informed on the latest insights.

Don’t miss out on the support and training offered

For training and help, please visit the portal and click on the Link to MIP Intro Presentation. There you will learn more about the purpose and functionality of the MIP. You will also find tips and tricks on how to upload content or sources, add yourself as an expert, or set alerts.

Additional support for the MIP is provided by the central team dedicated to intelligence activities at global PG business level, and champion users (VPN required) in the business units, regions, and segments & applications.

For more information, please contact:

Power Grids Markets: 

Elena Camoirano, Market Operations and Intelligence Lead

Ignacio Sistiaga, Global Market Intelligence Senior Analyst

Koen Kooiker, Strategy and Business Intelligence Manager