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Features 08-03-2021

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Three outstanding Hitachi ABB Power Grids women nominated for the STEP Ahead award in the US

It’s no secret that there is a staggering gender gap in the male-dominated manufacturing industry. In fact, a 2015 Deloitte Study showed that a large percentage of women don’t consider manufacturing as a career choice.

At Hitachi ABB Power Grids, we are committed to recognizing our outstanding female employees and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. One that supports women to advance their skills and leadership, inspiring the next generation of women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and production.

We are proud to recognize three employees who exemplify this mission: Heather Duncan, Kaylin Holmes and Suzie McCadams.

Heather, Kaylin and Suzie were nominated to receive the annual STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Ahead award which highlights female talent in the manufacturing industry. These women were nominated based on their innovation, leadership, mentorship, and community impact. 

While they were not selected, we are proud of all three employees for being nominated for this prestigious award. With over 1,000 nominees, 2021 was the most competitive year yet, according to the Manufacturing Institute. Out of those nominated, 100 were selected as Honorees and 30 as Emerging Leaders.

This award is sponsored by The Manufacturing Institute, whose STEP Women’s Initiative is reducing the gender gap in manufacturing. According to their website, in just five years, the winners of the STEP Ahead award have impacted more than 300,000 individuals, from their peers to children across the nation.

"As a global leader in transformer manufacturing, it is paramount that we continue to partner with groups like the Manufacturing Institute, who share our commitment to gender equality in manufacturing by creating a culture where our extraordinary women are given the right environment and empowered to thrive." - Anna Gardner, Human Resources Director, Power Grids Transformers

On behalf of the entire Hitachi ABB Power Grids team, congratulations to these amazing women and thank you for your passion, inspiration, and dedication!

Heather Duncan, Human Resources Business Partner - PGTR, Bland, VA

“Thank you so much for the nomination for the STEP award. I am grateful for the recognition of my work because I realize that there are many others deserving this honor. I feel like I have searched my entire career to find an employer like Hitachi ABB Power Grids. I am proud to work for a company that sincerely cares about employee engagement. I attribute most of my success to the Bland, VA team, which makes me strive to continually do better. I will continue to focus on employee engagement and make our company the employer of choice for the local communities. I am humbled and appreciative, thank you.” 

Suzie McCadams, Integrated Transformer Management (ITM) System Leader - PGTR, Alamo, TN

“It’s never work when you do what you love. My passion for manufacturing has taken me down many paths. On my journey, I have had the privilege of passing my skills, work ethic and knowledge on to so many people. I am honored to have even been considered for this award; it exemplifies the importance of hard work and always setting the best example possible!”

Kaylin Holmes, Quality Specialist - PGTR, Jefferson City, MO

“I am honored to be nominated for the STEP Ahead award and thankful for the opportunity to work with a great team in Jefferson City, Missouri.”