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Product Release Baden, Switzerland 10-12-2020

2 min read

Release of the New Remote Service Platform

In this release, a new Remote Service Platform for Automation & Communication is introduced. The new solution for remote access is supported by Genua GmbH, a third-party solution provider.

Our previous Remote Service Platform (RSP) based on the RSM600 Remote Service Module and RSC600 Remote Service Center is now discontinued. The new Remote Service Platform based on Genua products provides equivalent but extended functionality of the predecessor. It functions in real-time and provides the possibility to start and end the remote service access at your convenience anytime.

Key Features and Benefits

Remote Response Services uses a secure communication platform to enable fast issue handling. This reduces the customer’s cost of having to send a maintenance personnel to a site in a remote location. Remote response services also support cybersecurity as the systems are kept up to date with the latest software updates and malware protection.

  • Easy to setup, no laborious installation and configuration required

  • Running system during installation 

  • Remote access to Hitachi ABB Power Grids or 3rd party critical equipment

  • Safe, secure remote access from Hitachi ABB Power Grids to any customer site/installation/equipment

  • Patch Management services can be provided 

  • Shorter time to respond to customer issues 

  • Less manual response support required at site

  • Reduced number of experts required deployed at site

  • Supervision of critical devices

  • Monitoring of data from critical devices 

  • Reduced cost of support services

Recommendation to update

We recommend users who have the previous solution of the Remote Service Platform to update to this release.

Please read all about this release in the full release note.