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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 17-06-2020

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Najeeb Ahmad - My Power Grids Story Campaign

“I am proud to be Power Grids because our corporate values are embedded in our DNA and for being a global leader in our pioneering technologies which our customers have strong belief in."

"I am inspiried by our Power Grids motto, “Stronger, Smarter and Greener Grid.” Every day, I wake up in the morning to get to work, there’s always some new inspiration for me. Be it news of the ever-evolving technological world we live in; or even the simple satisfaction of shaking hands with customers after days of negotiations for the best deal with “customers are always king” in mind and with clear focus on our value pair “external focus and quality;” or the most cooperative colleagues and managers with cross border collaboration and trust.

Collaborating as one team achieves most success! Everyone’s genuine and caring nature is truly touching as I know that if any one of us is facing even the smallest of issues, we’ll have all hands-on deck to figure out a solution. Our team has become more like an extended family for me, if anything. Even with the variations in age, field, or even general interests, we still manage to have a memorable time together in or outside the office. My spouse always jokes “ABB Power Grid is your first family; you will never leave the organization and retire from there.” and 22 years journey with ABB Power Grids has passed in the blink of an eye.

Sustainable energy is our only hope to build a future for us and for those to come. With that in mind, it has always been important to promote the use of our innovative technology for green grid i.e. Eco -efficient Gas Insulated Switchgear , ultra-low loss amorphous core and biodegradable oil transformer , HVDC Light and FACTS for renewable integration and our digital grid automation asset performance management , amongst the team and external stakeholders i.e. our valuable customers, partners , consultants , end users , regulators etc. so that we can go Green in an effective and smart manner

Our future with Hitachi opens a new door for opportunities. I am very optimistic that key strengths of both Hitachi and Power Grids in term of enhanced product portfolio, digital technologies, global customer contacts--with very strong financial position and clear focus in implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals--will give leverage to increase our local footprint in the emerging market of Pakistan, and increase our share of wallet in one of the largest T&D market in the region with above 2% per annum population growth causing approximately above 5% rise in electricity demand on annual basis.

And it will of course be exciting to know more about the Japanese culture other than their famous cherry blossom festival and love for sushi!"