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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 13-01-2021

2 min read

My Power Grids Story - Fernanda Alves

I am proud to be Power Grids because, in this organization that grows and learns from its achievements and challenges, I find an open, receptive and favorable environment where I can contribute.

Everything I know and how I developed myself was for this company. I joined as an intern, and I am now even more passionate about what I do. I had the chance to work in several areas in this global and multicultural company, including an international opportunity.  All these experiences allow me to complement my vision of the business, giving me a better understanding of the customers’ needs.  

In a factory for which I am responsible, we are concerned with how to improve the ways of consuming and disposing.  We are increasingly more advanced in virtual service to minimize the use of fuel with machinery.  Additionally, we make good use of digital solutions, robots and online monitoring for the diagnosis of transformers or other strategies. Using technology, we minimize carbon emissions, ensure the safety of our employees and customers, and help stakeholders to improve business performance. 

Aside from being able to help customers, what inspires me about working at Power Grids is being able to count on the diversity of the team to deliver business results. As a leader, I always try to engage people by showing everyone how they can contribute to the result. Having diversity within the team allows us to achieve our goals by considering different points of view in the best possible way.