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Meet Our People Thailand 29-10-2021

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Thossapol is facilitating environmental sustainability across the value chain

My name is Thossapol Themna, Environment Specialist in Thailand (Grid Integration). After getting my degree in Environmental Science, I continued to work in the field of environment, health, and safety for around 16 years. As an Environment Specialist at Hitachi Energy, my responsibilities cover both our project sites and manufacturing facility which involves a great deal of Health Safety and Environment (HSE) & Sustainability legal and permit activities.​ 


Goals and strategy for sustainability

We all know the impact of climate change and how it will globally affect us in different ways from people, cities, and countries. It is why I greatly appreciate our company’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a clear Sustainability 2030 strategic plan to help advance a sustainable energy future and combat climate change.

I feel proud to be a part of Hitachi Energy and value my work to contribute to communities such as the engagement energy reduction program for all sites and implement waste reduction programs for the Samutprakarn factory.

Moreover, we also have implemented comprehensive safety and reduction measures for hazardous substances that comply with our procedures and local regulation. This year, we will try to achieve the Eco and Green labeling schemes and certifications for Hitachi Energy in Thailand.  


Proud to be in an excellent working environment​

Working with and seeing many experts and specialists in our organization across the world, I can honestly say it is an excellent work environment for learning. We have a good culture of respect for each other where you get to understand different opinions and points of view. Support systems provided by friendly colleagues, documentations, platforms, applications, and software really promote good learning and development at every dimension of the company.