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Meet Our People Mannheim, Germany 27-09-2022

2 min read

Anna shares her desire to succeed in helping us advance an interoperable global energy system

Anna Bock, #ProudToBeHitachiEnergy

My name is Anna Bock. I’m originally from the south of Germany, close to Regensburg in eastern Bavaria. It is a really great area with very beautiful hiking trails, and where one culinary highlight follows the next.

I am a specialist for tenders in the service business and live near Mannheim. Also, I am now global manager of installed base management for Grid Integration Service Solutions. I came to the energy business through a dual study curriculum starting in 2016 until 2019. It’s a corporate training program in Germany where you study part-time, and part-time you are working and gaining experience. Something I can really recommend! 

And things are moving fast. After finishing my Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering in 2019, I transferred to the German installed base management role, and specialized in tendering for service in parallel. I then completed my masters degree this year and now I'm in a global role, and I've just turned 26. 

Hitachi Energy is definitely a place where you can move quickly and develop a great global business perspective.

I am a former competitive swimmer, so I’m used to focus and commitment, and I'm currently training for my first triathlon, though that is entirely more for the fun of it. In parallel, I chase my dog through the fields in front of my house, and if the workday allows it, he can also come to the office and spend some time with my colleagues.

I like that my competitive mindset is inspired and encouraged at Hitachi Energy, but at the same time there is room for a nice work-life balance.

Installed base management is an important means of identifying the product and service needs of our customers. We do this by carefully tracking projects we have done in the past, which can sometimes also involve third-party products. To be really thorough, we are creating automated ways to efficiently assemble and share data with digital tools and simple-to-use systems and processes that can be rolled out globally. This is the focus of my involvement with our global team.

I am proud to be with Hitachi Energy because we make a difference for customers in the energy business all over the world. In Service, I work with a lot of different perspectives from customers as well as colleagues from many different cultures. The job is challenging. For example I have to approach and convince people to do something that may impact their work on a daily basis. These collaborative interactions are really exciting and positive challenges, with a lot of potential to improve the way our company together with partners and customers do business.