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Combined Grid Solutions - challenges and opportunities (HVDC)


Power grids around the world are undergoing an unprecedented transformation toward a more sustainable energy system, with all-times high share of renewable generation and increased consumption levels due to further electrification of transportation infrastructure and industrial processes.

This trend, positive for our society, carries new challenges for grid stability and highlights importance of new interconnection, often through HVDC technology, between the different synchronous grid areas.

In certain cases, it may be beneficial to realize a Combined Grid Solutions (CGS): a connection system with several purposes, going beyond the need of electrically interconnect point A to point B, but including integration of power sources along the corridor (AC and/or DC), compensation equipment of various kind, managing different grid scenarios and optimizing the overall grid operation.

Join us to learn how Hitachi Energy has embraced the challenge and opportunity to realized CGS, a case that could become more and more common in the years to come.



Mauro Monge

Global HVDC Product Manager for Grid Applications
Hitachi Energy

Mauro Monge is Global HVDC Product Manager for Grid Applications in Hitachi Energy. He holds a double Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Mauro joined Hitachi Energy in 2008 and, through different roles in technology and product management organizations, he focused in developing and introducing pioneering power electronics solutions such as HVDC, STATCOMs, Static Frequency Converters to Utilities and Industries, supporting the transition toward a sustainable energy system.

Peter Lundberg

Global Product Manager for HVDC
Hitachi Energy

Peter Lundberg is the Global HVDC Product Portfolio Manager in Hitachi Energy. He studied Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology; Gothenburg, Sweden, M.SC Elec Eng 1989 and Lic Eng 1994.

He joined Hitachi Energy Corporate Research, in 1994, and became part of the ABBs development of voltage source converter for transmission solutions. In 2001 he joined the HVDC business unit working with R&D, technology management and product management. Peter interest of technology is power electronics and power systems. He is also a member of Cigré and part of CENELEC working groups.

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Combined Grid Solutions - challenges and opportunities (HVDC).