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Product Release Västerås, Sweden 05-07-2019

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Release of Connectivity Package version 1.2.1 for SAM600

JULY 3, 2019

A Connectivity Package for SAM600 process bus I/O system has been released. The version designation of this Connectivity Package is 1.2.1.

New features and benefits  

This new version of Connectivity Package for SAM600 series enables the interaction between SAM600 version 1.2.1 and the Protection and control IED manager PCM600 2.8 ROLLUP 20170621 or later.

The new Connectivity Package enables support for the following features in PCM600:

  • Communication redundancy via IEC 62439-3 (PRP and HSR)
  • IED Configuration Migration
  • IED Summary provides summary of most important SAM600 properties
  • Windows 8 and 10, with native 32 and 64 bit

Read all about this release in the release note and the read me file.

For detailed information on what is new in the SAM600 version 1.2 please refer to the release note 1KHL516123.

Kind regards,
Krister Hagman, Global Product Manager