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Features Switzerland 10-09-2021

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Successful completion of education as plant and machine operator, Federal Diploma of VET* in uninterrupted production operation

Federal Diploma of VET*

Working under shift conditions without a completed primary education is not a dead-end!

This is what a long-term employee of Michael Meyer’s team (Shift A BiMOS Backend) successfully showed with the Federal Diploma VET as a plant and machine operator. In addition to a practical exam on-site, where he proved his skills as a future Maintenance Operator, he also completed a theoretical exam and presented his final paper in front of a panel of experts.

The education as a plant and machine operator is an on-the-job course by the Olten Vocational Training Center. The course covers the theoretical foundation of the job over four semesters and provides the usual general education of a Federal VET Diploma. The employees attend the school every Saturday and compensate for the corresponding lost time themselves. The Canton of residence subsidizes the training costs within the scope of the qualification procedures for adults. Hitachi Energy supports its employees by assuming school materials' fees, and contributing to the required laptop.

This example is encouraging, and several internal and external employees have already completed two semesters of the course or will begin it this coming August. Our external employees are supported in this endeavor through the training fund as part of the collective labor agreement (GAV)[i].

We are convinced that this training provides a basis for a successful existence in a modern and networked production environment. Even adults without a degree but with a great deal of experience in the work environment can obtain a Federal Diploma VET without significant financial hardship.

At this point, we would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to Ilija Pesovic for successfully passing the exam. We are pleased to employ him as a Maintenance Operator and look forward to many years of collaboration!

Michael Meyer and Markus Thut will be pleased to answer questions and provide information on plant and machine operator education, Federal Diploma VET.

* Vocational Education and Training (VET)

[i] The training fund supports Federal Diploma VET training, and other career-related training such as language courses. The support is subject to meeting a series of conditions. Applications can be submitted at