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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity 360

At Hitachi Energy, we are committed to solving some of the biggest global challenges of our time.

We transfer the power of the world’s largest wind farms, bring energy to mass transportation systems, and protect our biggest cities from blackouts. This is made possible by our exceptional talent who embrace and live by a powerful equation:

Diversity + Collaboration = Great Innovation


We have ambitious 2025 diversity and inclusion goals, and to help us achieve them, we created Diversity 360.

Diversity 360 is vital to our purpose and is a business imperative. Diversity in thought and experience enables us to create a dynamic solutions-oriented culture of innovation and collaboration that prepares our people to realize their highest potential.and empowers us to deliver on our mission to power good for sustainable energy.

For our part, it’s our promise to deliver brilliant employee experiences as a new, combined company, where our extraordinary talents are given the right environment and are empowered to thrive.

The Diversity 360 vision, which ensures that diversity and inclusion are at the core of our long-term business success, is underpinned by four key workstreams:

A new leadership model

We created this model as we identified an opportunity to bring diversity and inclusion to life through our day-to-day leadership behavior. Using a bottom-up approach, we engaged more than 300 employees across 10 countries to define future leader needs and expectations. We then brought top leaders into the conversation and designed a people-centered leadership model that inspires our talent to unleash their full potential and reach peak performance.

With this initiative, we are establishing a clear understanding of expectations and behaviors around diversity and inclusion. As such, we are working to embed these values into our culture and we will hold our teams accountable to lead by example, act as advocates and champion our new signature leadership style.

Female acceleration

We are setting ambitious gender diversity targets, which will be supported by a robust and comprehensive Female Talent Development Program. The program is designed to increase our overall female diversity from 19 to 25 percent by 2025. In our most senior roles, our target is a minimum of 25 percent female by 2025, and for early career hires we hope to achieve a minimum target of 40 percent female.

To achieve these commitments, we are focusing on strengthening gender diversity across three core career levels: senior leadership positions, middle managers and early career hires. At recruitment, we will increase the diversity of our hires, in gender and in experience. For talent already in our business, we will incorporate more gender diversity into our pipeline planning through our female identification and enablement programs which work to develop the strengths of our future leaders.

Diversity and inclusion will also be integrated into all of our career lifecycle policies, including practices, equal pay, flexible working, and more.

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Live diversity and inclusion

To live diversity and inclusion, these values need to be embedded into our culture from the bottom up, and we have created a multi-step process for making this effective.

We must first work to understand unconscious bias, where and how it operates and how it can be mitigated.

Through our talent-exchange program, we strive to expand our perspectives and acknowledge the cultural basis for collaboration, especially as we strengthen our joint venture. This includes working together to discover and accept each other’s individual and company differences and similarities.

Finally, the cross-cultural awareness and understanding part of the program will play a key role in helping us use the power of our differences to make us stronger.

Attract and grow talent

Under our commitment, ‘equality for all,’ we will support, encourage and guide all our current and future talent to reach their full potential. Our flagship graduate program attracts top early career talent into our business – tasking them with solving some of the biggest challenges of today as well as the demands of the future.

For the extraordinary talent already in our business, we foster a culture of lifelong learning – continuously striving to create opportunities and challenges for talent of all levels and backgrounds.

These opportunities have been brought to life in our Employer Value Proposition, our promise to our extraordinary talent of what they get from us in exchange for their skills and commitment. We offer the ability to work with purpose, think big on a global scale, and to power their career. In return we ask for a commitment to our values, ways of working, and living Diversity 360.