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Sustainable transportation solutions

Fasten your seatbelt – the journey to net zero starts here. And the future of mobility is promising to be a smooth ride. 

Smart cities embrace sustainable mobility

Fasten your seatbelt – the journey to net zero starts here. And the future of mobility is promising to be a smooth ride. Whether moving people or freight, the transportation has never been more committed to reducing CO₂ emissions and we’re here for it.

Hitachi Energy has been a pioneer in rail and urban transportation for more than a century. From electrification to digitalization solutions, we have worked with our partners to bring game-changing innovations to their operations. Transport operators are seeking sustainable options that help move passengers and freight reliably across all modes: rail, land, air and water.

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Railway Solutions​

The railway industry is becoming smarter, greener and faster. With longer trains and expanding networks, railways are embracing smart technologies and digitalization to scale up infrastructure. As an alternative to fuel, some operators are even testing battery-hybrid rolling stock. For this and more, we’re here to help keep your trains moving. Learn more >

Hitachi Energy Railway Solutions
Hitachi Energy eMobility Solutions

eMobility​ Solutions

Are you looking to scale your electric fleet? If so, then charging infrastructure upgrades are next. Depots will need charging stations with minimal footprint, stationary battery energy storage to offset peek demands on the grid, and an energy management system to optimize operations at the lowest cost. Drive toward an electric future today. Learn more >

Aviation Solutions

The future of unmanned and manned aviation is upon us. Are you ready for it? Operators will need robust mission critical communications with integrated traffic management. With the post-pandemic rise in passenger travel, the aviation industry will also need to upscale their terminals with smart solutions to enhance traveler experiences. Learn more >

Hitachi Energy Aviation Solutions
Hitachi Energy Marine Solutions

Marine Solutions

Cargo ships and drayage trucks that transport international goods are responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions. As more and more port authorities join the race to zero emissions, you will need highly integrated power and automation systems to modernize logistics and cut back on emissions. ​Learn more > 


Ready to innovate? Your transformation journey towards sustainable mobility starts now.

Within this evolving transportation landscape, smart technologies are enabling sustainable mobility. From digital substations, to flash charging, to AI-based software – Hitachi Energy can help you achieve the social, environmental, and economic objectives you desire while maximizing your investments, optimizing energy consumption and minimizing downtime.

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