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Ensuring Material Compliance at Hitachi Energy

Material Compliance

Ensuring Material Compliance at Hitachi Energy

At Hitachi Energy, we have a social responsibility to ensure that the materials we use do not contribute to environmental degradation or lead to conflict and exploitation in the countries where they are sourced.

We comply with regulatory and customer requirements regarding the prohibition and restriction of hazardous substances. To ensure the health, safety, and protection of people who interact with our products and business, we require the highest social, environmental, and human rights standards from our suppliers and partners.

Hitachi Energy Conflict Minerals Policy



Hitachi Energy Substances of Concern In Products (SCIP)

The Hitachi Energy list of Prohibited and Restricted Substances has been compiled to help our engineers and suppliers comply with regulatory requirements, ensure a high level commitment to human health and the environment, and manage risks encountered by chemicals present in various products.

List of Prohibited and Restricted Substances

Supplier Resources and Learnings