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Electrical energy in Oil and Gas Industries

Oil and Gas Energy Solutions

Whilst energy demand is still experiencing changes in demands and new trends as we seek out more sustainable and affordable types of energy, oil and gas still represent a large amount of the primary energy used to produce electricity today.

Our oil and gas electrification solutions are designed and deployed with the values of safety, reliability, resiliency and maintainability at their core.

The changing energy ecosystem

The oil and gas sector delivers key products that fuel industries on a global basis, whilst remaining competitive and reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs where possible is being starkly felt by our customers.

Many organizations are aware that they must modernize if they are to make the most of the assets you already have whilst maximizing profitability and boosting productivity.

Our digitalization solutions provide you with greater awareness of your assets and insight into your workforce, working cohesively to accelerate your digital transformation.

Despite the challenges your sector faces, oil and gas will continue to play a vital role in our global economy. It’s up to us to ensure these industries are optimized to complement the future of sustainable energy, electrification and digitalization.

Industry 4.0 Modern Factory: Project Engineer Talks to Female Operator who Controls Facility Production Line, Uses Computer with Screens Showing AI, Machine Learning Enhanced Assembly Process

Unlocking real business value with energy digitalization

Asset intensive industries have powered the global economy for well over a century with many now digitally transforming their operations to reduce their impact on the environment and increasing competitiveness by becoming more agile and making more data-driven decisions.

Digitalization creates real business value by unlocking reliability & resilience, safety and security, and perhaps most importantly, flexibility. 

What we bring to the oil and gas sector

100+ years knowledge of transformer performance

Data analytics service capabilities

Partner of choice providing complete lifecycle services

Largest installed base of OT power equipment

Delivering expertise and partnership to our customers around the globe

Hitachi Energy is the world leader in providing electrification and grid connection solutions for industrial, utility and transportation sectors​.

We deliver proven experience in the electrification of industrial processes and facilities for improved power quality, efficient energy management and digital solutions that drive change​ and deliver real business value.

Our broad portfolio empowers our customers with equipment, services, software and communications designed to drive sustainability and assure compliance to standards, regulation and best business practices.

Hear from our customers in the oil and gas sector

Oil field site, in the evening, oil pumps are running, The oil pump and the beautiful sunset reflected in the water, the silhouette of the beam pumping unit in the evening.

Let’s talk

Hitachi Energy has the resources and expertise to bridge the gap between today’s industry challenges and tomorrow’s interconnected future.