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e-mesh Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications

e-Mesh Solutions for Industrial Applications

Reliable and quality power for increased productivity and reduced carbon emissions.

Industries and commercial sites need reliable electricity to ensure consistent operations and avoid lost production, lower workforce efficiency, and equipment damage. They rely on expensive diesel power generators to provide this backup, which requires high maintenance, have a slow start-up time, and pollute the environment with noise and CO2. In addition, achieving carbon reduction targets is now mandatory, and highly visible to the public. Tackling power as an area for sustainability, efficiency, and profitability is making industries and other commercial operations invest in their own energy production.

Hitachi Energy offers reliable microgrid and energy storage solutions for industries such as mining, cement, food and beverage, and commercial sites such as industrial parks and shopping complexes. We have an end to end approach from initial consultancy through to engineering, installation and commissioning, and asset management and service.

Our e-mesh solution offers reliable microgrid and energy storage that successfully integrates cost-effective renewable energy with conventional diesel- or gas-fueled generation. The e-mesh solution helps industries and commercial enterprises to manage hybrid power systems and distributed energy resources with a high degree of automation and control.

Hitachi Energy's unique microgrid and energy storage solutions ensure the highest possible renewable energy penetration into an existing or isolated grid, reducing CO2 emissions as well as dependency on fossil fuel supplies.

Key benefits:

  • Continued operations and mitigated downtime with power reliability and resilience
  • Power quality reduces downtime and production losses by stabilizing the power systems against fluctuations in voltage and frequency
  • Maximizes fuel savings and reduced carbon footprint through the highest possible renewable integration
  • Ensures uninterrupted power supply by responding fast to power losses, providing spinning reserve to generators
  • Optimized cost by reducing number of generators required
  • Efficiently manages, monitors and analyzes field assets by cloud-based remote service
  • Fulfills health, safety and environmental appropriateness
  • Fast and safe installation and commissioning on-site, with reduced footprint
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