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e-meshfor commercial and industrial facilities

Successfully integrate cost-effective renewable energy into an existing or isolated grid, reducing CO2 emissions while ensuring continued operations and mitigating downtime with power reliability and resiliency.

Commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities are intense energy consumers that often require highly reliable sources of power. However, these sectors also face calls to lower their carbon footprint while making more efficient use of their energy. To help balance these aims, C&I markets are adopting innovative grid edge solutions that provide access to reliable power while lowering costs.

Each sector and business has its own unique needs and naturally prioritizes different solutions based on its existing infrastructure, processes, goals, and regulations. Mines, ports, oil and gas, data centers, shopping malls, factories, logistic hubs, and other similar sites all have different use cases with different challenges that require their own blend of e-meshTM technologies to reach optimal performance.

Hitachi Energy e-mesh provides a complete suite of power and energy management solutions designed to suit commercial and industrial customers. Including energy storage and digital monitoring and control, e-mesh enables organizations to optimize their power use and support the journey towards electrification.

Learn more about the different commercial and industrial sectors use cases, it’s specific challenges and solutions, please download our brochure.

Key benefits:

  • Continued operations and mitigated downtime with power reliability and resilience
  • Power quality reduces downtime and production losses by stabilizing the power systems against fluctuations in voltage and frequency
  • Maximizes fuel savings and reduced carbon footprint through the highest possible renewable integration
  • Ensures uninterrupted power supply by responding fast to power losses, providing spinning reserve to generators
  • Optimized cost by reducing number of generators required
  • Efficiently manages, monitors and analyzes field assets by cloud-based remote service
  • Fulfills health, safety and environmental appropriateness
  • Fast and safe installation and commissioning on-site, with reduced footprint
e-Mesh Solutions for Industrial Applications
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