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Supplier Invoicing

To be able to achieve our overall target “paying timely”, we re­quire good quality invoices to be sent correctly to us.  In cases where the standard process hasn't been applied, the payment could be delayed. To avoid any risk in de­lay, we have prepared an invoice handling overview of our Procure-to-Pay process for a well organized and effective payment system.

You will find the global and local versions of our Procure-to-Pay process below under Invoice Handling Instructions. These documents are key for suppliers to follow to avoid pay­ment delay. 

If you need further support, please see below the contacts under Supplier Invoice Inquiries which lists support contacts by each location. This is the quickest way for you to interact with our Accounts Payable department on the status of invoices.

Invoice Handling Instructions

Global Version (EN)

See the latest version of the Global Hitachi Energy Procure to Pay Process (P2P) for suppliers

Country Specific Versions

Supplier invoices need to be received electronically via e-invoice or e-mail. Hard copy invoices are not accepted unless legally required by respective country.

We are striving for e-Invoice/EDI solutions over time as the preferred solution.


Supplier Invoice Inquiries

For inquiries on your invoices, please use the following email address

Exception: Hitachi Energy Switzerland Ltd., Global Technology Management

Hitachi Energy Investment (China) Limited

ABB Chongqing Transformer Company Ltd.

ABB DATONG Traction Transformers Co., Ltd.

ABB Sifang Power System Co. Ltd.

ABB High Voltage Switchgear (Xiamen) Company Ltd.

ABB Shanghai Power System Engineering Co., Ltd.

ABB High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. Beijing

ABB Shanghai Transformer Co. Ltd.

ABB Hefei Transformer Co. Ltd.

ABB Xi'an Power Capacitor Company Limited

ABB Zhongshan Transformer Company Ltd.

Korea Direct:

Korea Indirect: