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Air Transportation


The airline industry is on the path to more sustainable operations, but the transition won’t be easy. In the coming years they will be tasked with implementing low-carbon electrical solutions for both aircraft, air traffic control, and airports. At the same time, they need to continue providing reliable travel experiences for global passengers while optimizing working environments for staff. ​

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Worldwide, airports are seeking decarbonization strategies to transform an industry with a traditionally high carbon footprint. By 2034, the total number of air passengers is expected to double compared to current levels. Ultimately, they need reliable power supply that integrates sustainable technology into each step of the air supply chain. ​

Sustainability can mean many things for the airline industry. The heaviest emitter, of course, is air travel, and up until now they have mainly relied on carbon offsets to achieve some semblance of carbon neutrality. At the same time, there are several operational mechanisms that can be employed to reduce emissions within airports. It is in these areas where strategic green electric investments are being focused.​


Managing mission-critical​ communications for more than​ 100000 nodes​

For mission-critical air traffic communication, connectivity and security are paramount. As more and more flights enter the sky, along with new technology such as drones, it requires the transition from legacy communication systems to those that offer superior inter-operability. These solutions must be reliable, cost-efficient, and secure. 

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Manage information in real-time

Airports need a single view of dynamic passenger and air traffic both locally and globally. This requires the integration of disparate systems that monitor and control all critical functions – from airport information systems to BMS to baggage handling.

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Controlling and monitoring 30 airports ​

Communicate securely via all forms of networks​

Keep substations safe and secure ​

For truly universal communication, different substation devices must be able to send and share data with each other. This requires IEDs, RTUs, and digital substations that are efficient and accurate. ​

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