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Smart Life

With renewable energy at the core of the Energy Transition, cities are turning to emission-free transportation, smart buildings and digital solutions for a greener tomorrow. Smarter and more robust electricity grids will play a key role in this transformation. One thing is clear: The carbon neutral future is electric and Hitachi Energy is connecting the dots. 

Towards a sustainable energy future

Hitachi Energy provides solutions to achieve the vision of smart, green and livable cities in which all people and future generations can enjoy a high quality of life.

EXPO 2020

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Shaping a smarter tomorrow today

The world is moving towards a low-carbon economy through the integration of renewables and smart-charging infrastructure under the umbrella of sustainability, all while improving the quality of life. We aim to overcome the following challenges with our innovative solutions:

Shifting to emission-free transportation

Growing renewable power generation

Digitalizing and driving of smart grids

Smart urban and industrial infrastructure planning for 2022 and beyond, requires new ideas on efficient and safe power distribution. We are ready to assist you in that with sustainable solutions.


The ability to harness the right data to make intelligent decisions about the business are crucial for a company to be successful in today’s markets. Digitalization makes room for agility and adaptability.

Power Quality

Power quality is a high priority for utilities, industries and transportation operators. We offer technology leadership, backed by a proven record of addressing diverse challenges and improving standard practices. 

SCADA and Control Systems

Take control of your grid with advanced solutions for SCADA, Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), Market Management Systems (MMS), Historian, Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Generation Management Systems (GMS) to keep your network resilient to any new operational challenges that arise. 

Transportation is integral to sustainable urban development. The efficient and emission-free movement of people and goods – to, inside and between cities – is a pre-requisite for societies to thrive and prosper.

Grid-eMotion Fleet

The Grid-eMotion Fleet offering is your charging solution of choice if you aim to electrify a large fleet and need a reliable, grid-code compliant and space-saving solution that can be installed in your existing depots and scaled flexibly as your fleets get greener. 

Grid-eMotion Flash

This flash-charging technology allows for ultra fast charging at intermediate stops, optimizing operational cost and availability for fleet operators.

Asset and Work Management

How do asset-intensive industries solve their toughest challenges and deliver unrivaled outcomes? With Lumada for asset & work management.

Our solutions are sustainability-oriented in design to deliver a superior environmental performance compared to conventional solutions. Discover our portfolio to enable a greener future.


Discover the eco-efficient portfolio for sustainability where products, services and solutions are proven to deliver exceptional environmental performance. EconiQ portfolio is sustainability-oriented in design to deliver a superior environmental performance compared to conventional solutions.

mountains with clouds and sunrise depicting a sustainable future

Renewable Energy

The world is turning to renewable energy to deliver on the promise of a carbon-neutral future. To limit the impacts of global climate change, we need to shift away from fossil fuels and look to sources that capture naturally-occurring energy and convert it into electricity.

Grid Edge Solutions

Whether it’s achieving energy autonomy, unlocking new economic opportunities or effectively managing renewables and distributed energy resources (DER), we’re your source for energy innovation and transition.


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