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Renewable Energy

The world is turning to renewable energy to deliver on the promise of a carbon-neutral future. To limit the impacts of global climate change, we need to shift away from fossil fuels and look to renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower that capture naturally occurring energy and convert it into electricity. This electricity, in turn, will become the backbone of our entire energy system, powering all elements of modern society from transportation to heating and cooling to a myriad of industrial processes. ​

Towards a renewable energy future​

Together, with customers and partners, Hitachi Energy is committed to accelerating the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system. ​We have placed sustainability at the heart of our purpose. Clean energy generation, network infrastructure and electrification of end-use sectors are crucial to decarbonization strategies.

OceaniQ™: innovative solutions for the offshore environment

Hitachi Energy launches portfolio of solutions that address the unique challenges of offshore

Challenges and solutions for renewable energy segments​

From global energy companies to local cooperatives, the power industry is engaged in the wholesale transformation of the energy system, encompassing generation, transmission, storage, monitoring, and control. As renewables replace fossil fuels, grids must remain resilient and become more flexible to adapt to fast-changing demands. We offer industry-leading expertise spanning the full range of renewable energy project challenges, including engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), financial analysis, consulting services, front-end engineering and design (FEED), systems development, construction, operations and maintenance. We can guide you through the fast-evolving renewable energy transition. ​

Solar Power

Offshore Wind Power

Onshore Wind Power

While still a relatively modest portion of overall sustainable power generation, solar is the world’s fastest-growing energy source and is certain to play an outsized role the carbon-neutral future. Delivering on the promise of utility-scale solar presents significant challenges, from integration with the grid, to deployment and utilization of storage, to asset and operations management, to generation and revenue forecasting and predictability, to ever-increasing cost pressures and shortening project cycles. Hitachi Energy has industry-leading expertise and an expansive portfolio of technologies, solutions, software and services designed to support every stage of solar project development. Learn how we can be your partner of choice for solving the most complex challenges in the solar industry.​

Reduce operational costs​
Solar energy developers face a highly competitive, cost-constrained environment. Our consulting services, proprietary market data and analysis, and software solutions are designed to improve and de-risk the business case for new projects, lower finance costs and help maximize revenue. ​
Ensure system stability and reliability​
Our world-class, end-to-end digital portfolio spans the complete solar energy system from primary sensors to substations to grid connections, delivering integrated control, monitoring and asset management capabilities to ensure non-stop reliability, stability, resilience, safety and security.​
Accelerate project development​
In the solar energy market, time is money, and developers face enormous pressure to get projects up and running quickly. Hitachi Energy has decades of experience and expertise in system design and project implementation, coupled with comprehensive, pre-integrated solutions that simplify project management and deliver unmatched quality assurance, speeding time-to-market.​

Offshore wind power is a fast-growing, very promising means of delivering consistent, clean, affordable energy. Hitachi Energy has more than 20 years of experience in pioneering markets such as Europe supporting some of the world’s most successful offshore wind projects. Our comprehensive portfolio is helping connect the world’s largest offshore wind farms to onshore grids and weathering the most extreme environments to bring clean power to millions of homes and businesses around the world. Our development of breakthrough innovations, such as major developments in floating platform technology, promise to help open previously inaccessible markets. ​

Reduce operational costs​
Our comprehensive solutions for offshore wind customers provide a complete suite of solutions to help design, generate, connect, monitor and control power from renewable power plants as well as to maintain, optimize their systems and reduce time-to-market. ​
Ensure system stability and reliability​
Our pioneering HVDC offshore wind compact solutions not only offer lower transmission cost, allow the transmission of large volumes of offshore wind power over long distances, but are also grid code compliant and provide 'black start' capability and greater system reliability. ​
Improve asset performance management​
Our complete digital Lumada portfolio of end-to-end solutions from primary sensors to substation level allow offshore wind operators to control and monitor their equipment in real-time, helping ensure system uptime. ​

Onshore wind power is a well-established, highly successful and attractive method of producing large amounts of clean and reliable energy. Hitachi Energy has a decades-long track-record supporting the development of onshore wind projects, and has extensive experience addressing customer challenges such as connecting and integrating wind power to the grid, navigating complex, highly competitive markets, repowering older systems and managing increasing cost-pressure, particularly in the face of more cost-efficient technologies.  ​

Reduce operational costs​
Our pre-construction ​and advisory services​, policy and regulation assessment, ​power system consulting, energy market ​projections and simulation tools​ not only allow you to plan your entire project from start to finish but also give you an opportunity to optimize costs of your projects. ​
Ensure system stability and reliability​
We have extensive expertise designing equipment that meets the unique environmental and electrical conditions of onshore wind farms, addresses grid code requirements and enables the transmission of large volumes of onshore wind power to distribution centers.  ​
Improve asset performance management​
With our digital Lumada asset management ​​
and service management solutions​, you can reduce your operating expenses, speed time-to-market and extend the lifetime of your equipment. 


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