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Customer Success Story

FOX615 mission critical solutions extends the digitalization of utility communication networks in Switzerland

FOX615 mission critical solutions extends the digitalization of utility communication networks in Switzerland


Geneva-based Services Industriels de Geneve (SIG), a provider of essential services including energy and water management, broadband services and waste treatment services has chosen Hitachi Energy technology to help it upgrade its communication infrastructure.

SIG, which has over 225,000 customers, has embarked on a project to replace its existing communication infrastructure with a new network based on modern MPLS technology. The objectives of the project were to ensure high availability of critical services carried on the network and to ensure the continuity of services during the migration phase. In addition, the project also aimed to simplify the addition of new services and the extension of the network to support future needs.

Customer Highlights

 “A reliable and robust communication network is essential to enable new smart grid applications and at the same time guarantee reliable protection and control of SIG’s assets,” said Claus Vetter, Global Product Group Manager, Automation and Communication, Hitachi Energy, Grid Automation business unit. “With our proven solution and extensive experience, Hitachi Energy is uniquely positioned to support SIG through the journey of modernizing its mission-critical communication infrastructure.”


SIG chose Hitachi Energy’ FOX615 hybrid multiplexers to replace its existing communication network and to support the company’s migration to modern packet-based technologies, essential for the digital transformation of utilities.

The key requirements of this flagship project were the guarantee of reliable operations and full compliance with global standards on teleprotection applications. In addition, SIG needed the ability to integrate other traditional applications without compromise, as well as the capacity to enable-next generation applications for protection between substations, when needed.

The FOX615 multi-service multiplexer enables the extension of existing communication infrastructure, as well as ensures an easy and flexible way to migrate technology within SIG’s network. The solution is uniquely designed to be deployed in harsh environments ranging from extreme temperatures to magnetic and electrical fields, which can be particularly severe during short-circuit events.


Without compromising the performance of critical protection applications or the availability of the network, the FOX615 solution enables real-time performance and deterministic network behavior, vital for mission-critical utility applications and the provision of new citizen services. The network will be operated at 10 Gbit/s and should be operational by the end of 2021.

With digitalization playing an integral role in its operating model, SIG is committed to promoting smarter energy consumption and helping develop a sustainable and connected society.