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FOX Multiservice Platform

Ready for the challenges of tomorrow

Digital transformation is reshaping the landscape of utilities with unprecedented rapidity. The disruptive impact of digitalization demands a robust and advanced communication solution to support new smart grid applications while still guaranteeing reliable operation for the control and protection of high-voltage power lines and valuable assets.

The FOX Multiservice Platform is uniquely positioned to support utilities during their modernization journey of critical communication infrastructure while preserving the long-term investments of utilities in legacy technologies and equipment. Designed to address every aspect of modern utility network operations, the FOX portfolio offers a wide range of communication solutions for transmission and distribution networks. 

Migration of critical services from legacy technology to packet-switched networks has never been easier. Well-proven TDM technology and advanced packet-based technology coexist in a fully hybrid approach and are managed through a single unified network management system, thus enabling seamless service migration through simple network configuration.

With its robust design for harsh environments, the FOX Multiservice Platform is the ideal choice for utilities to support mission-critical and real-time applications. The integrated teleprotection, the extended support of IEC61850, and advanced IP/Ethernet functionalities are just some of the great highlights of Hitachi Energy's FOX family. Thanks to the proven long-term commitment and support, the FOX Multiservice Platform enables utilities to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

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