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FOX615 Multiservice Platform

Ready for the challenges of tomorrow

Hitachi Energy's FOX615 is an outstanding multi-service multiplexer which enables the extension of existing communication infrastructure, as well as the smooth migration to future technology. FOX615 integrates teleprotection interfaces for distance as well as for differential protection simultaneously within state-of-the-art SDH networks and MPLS-TP networks; ensuring an easy and flexible way to migrate technology in a utility network. With its latest IEC61850 interface the FOX615 also acts as a substation IED and enables GOOSE based protection applications of digital substations. Built on Hitachi Energy’s huge domain expertise, the utility-grade design of FOX615 is deployed in thousands of installations across the globe with guaranteed performance including those with electromagnetically polluted environments and across a broad range of temperatures. 

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FOX615 Multiservice Platform

Safeguarding the electrical grid

Critical to grid operations is the protection of power lines, through teleprotection. Teleprotection systems were developed alongside the electrical grids themselves, and the operational communication networks used are mainly driven by those applications. In 1940, the average telephone user was just getting to grips with the rotary-dial telephone, while Hitachi Energy was deploying power-line communications: utilizing the electrical transmission infrastructure to carry teleprotection data and avoiding the need for a separate Pilot Line.

Public telecom networks have evolved at an amazing speed, this has been primarily driven by new applications (e.g. smartphones, YouTube, email) which results in a growing demand for increased bandwidth. Subsequently this has resulted in network solutions with a higher capacity for data transmission with a lower focus upon the quality of service. Teleprotection systems, in contrast, have always operated under the pressure of protecting critical infrastructure. Reliability and quality of service is paramount, resilience is required, while new technologies and techniques must prove themselves robust enough to match, or exceed, the existing equipment before they can safely be used in the electrical network.

To learn more about FOX615, download the new brochure and the datasheet BIGO1 - IEC 61850 proxy gateway interface unit.

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