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Power Line Carrier

The MCD80 modular coupling devices are used to connect Power Line Carrier terminals like Hitachi Energy's ETL600 via CVT's to high-voltage power lines.

MCD80 provides optimum impendance matching for the PLC terminal, frequency separation and safe isolation of the 50/60 Hz power frequency and over voltage transients. It is configurable for single- or multi-phase coupling with band-pass or high-pass filtering characteristic. MCD80 devices conform to the latest IEC-and ANSI standards.

In spite of the growing use of digital communication systems - especially those employing optical fiber links for which Hitachi Energy produces a comprehensive line of equipment - PLC is still often the most cost-effective, and reliable, solution to cover the operational needs of a power system. This applies particularly when only low volumes of data have to be transmitted over long distances.

An existing PLC network represents a considerable investment made over many years, and for reasons of cost and system operation, it is seldom possible, or necessary, to replace it with a digital system in a short space of time. An existing PLC network can often be usefully expanded rather than replaced, and in such cases, frequency allocation must be carefully planned to mitigate any channel shortage.

In other instances a PLC channel is used as a back-up to fiber-based digital channels, providing a dependable communication link in the most demanding of circumstances.

With decades of successful involvement in the PLC and transfer tripping field, Hitachi Energy continues to prove its high technical standards and competence by remaining at the forefront of PLC development. Hitachi Energy provides the latest technologies to PLC systems, with five-step variable bandwidth and flexible partitioning of digital and analog data, backed with a formidable capability in systems and applications engineering.

Power Line Carrier Communications

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