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Power Line Carrier Coupling Filter MCD80

The MCD80 modular coupling devices are used to connect Power Line Carrier terminals like Hitachi Energy's ETL600 via CVT's to high-voltage power lines.

MCD80 provides optimum impendance matching for the PLC terminal, frequency separation and safe isolation of the 50/60 Hz power frequency and over voltage transients. It is configurable for single- or multi-phase coupling with band-pass or high-pass filtering characteristic. MCD80 devices conform to the latest IEC-and ANSI standards.

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  • High degree of modularity; programmable
  • Compact design and weather-proof and tropicalized
  • Insulated enclosure and special design features minimize the risk of electrical hazards
  • One high-pass version for different system parameters, adjustable on site
  • Corrosion inhibited by fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure
  • High carrier power rating
  • Up to 1000 W PEP
  • Simple integration in PLC system

Additional Features

  • The modular design of standardized components for flexible configuration
  • For single- and multi-phase coupling
  • Band-pass or high-pass filtering characteristics
  • Configurable as frequency separation filters for complex PLC arrangements
  • Protection against dangerous 50/60 Hz power frequency components and overvoltage transients
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