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Customer Success Story
Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ)

Preparing Türkiye’s electricity transmission and generation system for future energy demand with Capacity Expansion and PROMOD

The client

As one of the largest electricity companies in Europe, the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ) is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to its consumers across Türkiye. With a motto of “Power of Energy,” TEİAŞ proudly serves all the citizens of Türkiye with the transmission of electricity in a continuous, reliable and economical manner while remaining sensitive to the environment and promoting the efficient use of resources.

The challenge

Avinor has long relied on a facility-wide supervisory system to control and coordinate the many airport functions. Avinor needed to enhance system security while ensuring that the system continues to provide highly reliable control of these functions. They also needed to ensure that the system is able to accommodate a significant airport expansion in the near future.

The solution

After evaluating multiple providers, TEİAŞ turned to Hitachi Energy for two solutions and a license for Power Reference Case data for the Turkish system to use for comprehensive energy market forecasting. The first of the two solutions, Capacity Expansion, is a long-term economic optimization-based electricity generation expansion planning tool. PROMOD, the second solution selected by TEİAŞ, is recognized by the industry for its flexibility and breadth of technical capability.

The results

Even prior to project completion, the software solutions were creating clear benefits and improvements through increases in operational productivity and decreases in capital expenditure. “With the insights obtained from Capacity Expansion, TEİAŞ is now able to properly prepare for the future energy demands of more than 80 million Turkish citizens,” said Elif Bintas, assistant manager of the transmission planning department, TEİAŞ.

“Hitachi Energy went the extra mile to understand our business needs and implement a solution that delivers real value to the Turkish market.”

– Ilker Ilaslaner, Head of General Planning Department
Location Türkiye
Industry Electricity generation, transmission, and distribution
Solutions used PROMOD
Capacity Expansion