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Italy - Greece HVDC link

The first HVDC transmission system to be implemented as part of the European Union's Trans-European Networks (TEN) initiative was an HVDC link installed between Italy and Greece in 2001. The Italian and Greek power utilities, ENEL and PPC, own the link, which interconnects their respective electric power networks.

This binational HVDC system has a power rating of 500 MW at a DC voltage of 400 kV. The converter stations are situated in Galatina in the region of Puglia in southeast Italy, and at Arachthos in the northwestern Greek region of Epirus.

The two converter stations are connected by a transmission system that consists of a 40-km long land cable in Italy, a 160-km sea cable crossing the Adriatic sea, and a 110-km overhead line on the Greek side, in addition to extensions in the AC systems that connect to the DC stations.

The link represents an important stage in the development of the DC subsea cables systems, reaching previously untried water depths for a power cable (1,000 meters), and for the time some of the highest voltage and power ratings in a subsea power system.

The Italy-Greece HVDC link was the first energy project of the EU's TEN initiative, where the aim is to develop the region's transport, energy and telecommunications infrastructure systems to support the creation of a single European market capable of handling cross-border flows of goods, people and services.

The project was financed in part through European Commission grants and loans from the European Investment Bank. The completed HVDC link enables Italy and Greece to use their installed power generation capacity more efficiently.

Main data
Commissioning year: 2001
Configuration: Monopole
Power transmitted: 500 MW
Direct voltage: 400 kV
Application: Interconnecting grids