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Customer Success Story

Jinping - Sunan

The most powerful transmission line in the world

Hitachi Energy was selected by the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) to design, engineer and supply key equipment for the Jinping-Sunan ±800 kV Ultrahigh Voltage Direct Current (UHVDC) power transmission project. When commissioned in 2013 this was the most powerful transmission line in the world.

Hitachi Energy designed the system in close cooperation with SGCC and local Chinese partners, and supplied key components for both converter stations, including converter valves, control and protection system and DC yard equipment. In a separate order, Hitachi Energy was selected to supply the 800 kV UHVDC transformers for both converter stations.

The 2,090-km long UHVDC power link will transport clean hydropower from generating stations in the Yalong River in central-western Sichuan province to the highly industrialized coastal area of Jiangsu province in eastern China. The UHVDC link will have a rated capacity of 7,200 MW and 7,600 MW continuous overload. The two-hour overload is 7,920 MW and the thyristors then handle a record-breaking DC-current of more than 5,000 Amperes.

The Jinping-Sunan transmission is the second Hitachi Energy UHVDC project in China after the highly successful Xiangjiaba-Shanghai transmission and reflects the continued confidence of SGCC in Hitachi Energy's technologies and globally proven domain expertise in HVDC.

Main data
Commissioning year: 2013
Configuration: Bipole
Power transmitted: 7,200 MW (7,600 MW)
Direct voltage: ±800 kV
Application: Connecting remote generation