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Customer Success Story

Water distribution in Bingöl

Modern and cost-efficient RTU511 ensures reliable and environmentally-friendly water distribution system.

Together with our Turkish partner FOKS Hitachi Energy realized the automation of the water distribution system in the region of Bingöl, located in the east of Anatolia. The customer manages the extensive water distribution system of agricultural areas in the region of Bingöl. To estimate the necessary water consumption the system includes metering devices which monitor the water passage and soil moisture. In combination with meteorological weather forecasts the system calculates and provides the appropriate amount of water and fertilizer for the agricultural area.

For this water distribution system the customer needed a modern system to take care of the monitoring and control of the pumping stations. The control of the pumps is handled via a wireless remote control system which allows the customer to regulate the system via a secure Internet connection. Hitachi Energy provided 24 pieces of the compact and cost-efficient RTU511 with PLC functions which were installed in the pumping stations. The RTUs monitor the water passage and soil moisture and control the valves and pumps according to the calculated water demand. The PLC functions which were added to the functionality of the RTUs furthermore support the monitoring and control with functions programmed to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, the collected data is stored and visually prepared for an easy overview and forecast of the water and fertilizer demand.

The solution provided by Hitachi Energy allows the customer to effectively control the complete water distribution system. Thanks to the remote control each user can see detailed data of the valves and pumps via the Internet and therefore adjust the water passage, if required. Based on the regularly updated water consumption the customer is not only able to ensure a reliable and cost-efficient system but also protects the environment. 

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