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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 24-03-2021

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My Power Grids Story - Cai-Wan Tam, Malaysia

I am proud to be Power Grids because I can contribute to society and at the same time share the significance of my job with my children.

During my childhood, a stable supply of electricity was considered a luxury.  This often meant that my siblings and I would find ourselves huddled around the candlelight studying. Today, my job at Power Grids gives me the privilege of providing solutions to ensure reliable, efficient, and secure power delivery and keeps the lights on. I am so proud to be able to contribute to society and sharing the significance of my job with my children. 

Furthermore, I feel proud because I can make a difference, be it in my workplace by harnessing the strength of diversity in my team, or in understanding the challenges faced by our female talent and be able to contribute and receive through our Mentoring Program, make my work both exhilarating and meaningful.

Having been at Power Grids for more than 20 years, the opportunities and challenges presented have allowed me to continue pressing forward, pushing me to heights I had not previously thought possible. However, my work would be nothing without the efforts of such a diverse team. Our strong team spirit enables us to develop and deliver results by leveraging each member’s strengths, compensating weaknesses and adapting changes, all while progressing forward as a family

As the pioneer in energy management and optimization, the Grid Edge solutions that we provide enable maximum integration of renewable energy, thus reducing our carbon footprint. This is essential in providing sustainable energy for our future generation 

And now, coming together with Hitachi, a company that truly positively impacts the world, and me being part of the equation, the feeling of belonging to the team and contributing excites me in my future with Hitachi.