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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 07-06-2021

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OD Naidu, India

OD Naidu is an R&D Senior Principal Engineer whose inspiring story was recently featured in the Times of India. Coming from a childhood without electricity, OD Naidu is now a power technologist, working at the helm of power systems research.

I am proud to be Power Grids because it continues to be one of the frontrunners in this era of smart and cleaner digital grids that can help India and the world become more sustainable.

The world is looking for sustainable digital solutions that will meet the rapidly growing electricity demand while minimizing environmental impact. The amalgamation of AI, IoT, cloud, and digital technologies will help create future greener grids. Through my job, I get to work everyday on key projects (i.e. Autonomous protection, GO Green, and Hawk-Eye) which focus on technology development and protection, as well as monitoring of the systems connected to renewable power plants. These revolutionary concepts and advanced digital solutions are aimed at enabling the cleaner energy ecosystem of the future. 

I am very inspired by the job I do because I get to translate innovative ideas to build leapfrog digital solutions that enable a flexible, smarter and greener grid, which will provide sustainable and affordable electricity to every human being on the planet. I love to build and maintain an environment for creative idea generation and take measures to safeguard innovation. 

Today, the power system is facing a paradigm shift. The generation mix is expected to become greener with time. However, this good change is posing a challenge in power system protection, control, and monitoring.  With an organizational goal of shaping a carbon-neutral earth, I am proud to work together with a globally diversified team in developing technology that can solve the challenges introduced by green energy resources and make way for a smoother integration to a digital power grid.  It delights me to see people with diversified skills collaborate and work on a common goal towards a sustainable society.   

I am excited to be part of Hitachi as it provides a healthy platform for extending my domain expertise. I am enthusiastic about creating digital capabilities across the power spectrum. Together with Hitachi, I believe we will be able to contribute to the vision of a cleaner and more efficient global power grid while adhering to our core values of customer focus and quality.  

OD Naidu has recently been featured in the Times of India, with a story written by Ardra Shankar. Credit to Times of India for the photo and article.