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Meet Our People Trutnov, Czech Republic 20-05-2022

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Nelly is delivering our pioneering technologies to partners and customers around the world

Hi! I am Nelly Konsinkova. I have been working in the Grid Automation factory for control and protection panels in Trutnov, Czech Republic for almost three years. As an Order Execution Manager my responsibilities cover planning and coordinating projects from the initial request through to completion. Currently I am focusing on the deliveries for the northern part of Europe and the Netherlands. Coordinating with people and processes to deliver projects on time and within budget is the scope of my work.

I develop detailed project plans, manage key project milestones, identify potential problems, and ensure our projects provide customer success. I find it exciting to witness how we design, produce and test protection panels, which then travel to distant countries and world-class projects. The Hornsea Two with the title of world's largest operating offshore wind farm is one of them. Project Hornsea is capable generate 1,32 GW of clean electricity – this power provides energy for over 1,3 million British homes.

Together with the team and our customers, I am proud to be part of our unique contributions to a more sustainable energy future for all of us. Our products and services are part of the world´s largest offshore power plants and help supply energy to millions of people around the world.

Every single day is a challenge

This kind of job requires strong critical thinking to solve problems, knowledge of technical background and everything else in between. For me, as a woman in this industry, it is an inspiring everyday ride and for a good reason. I am constantly learning and gaining valuable experience because every day brings a challenge. Thanks to the equal conditions in our company, I can actively contribute to pioneering projects around the world. The most valuable reward is a good team spirit, satisfied customers, and budget compliance.

Promising future

Hitachi Energy in Czech Republic is one of the key employers and leading protection panels provider in our region. With our reliable technology and smart solutions, we can satisfy even the most demanding customers. The race towards a sustainable future has just begun. I really look forward to all the opportunities I will meet on this journey.