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Energopro Sia

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Lidostas Parks
2167 Marupes Nov.



Additional Information

Energo Pro SIA is active in different fields. The activities cover: - supply of primary and secondary electrical equipment - engineering services for electrical energy segment - design and production of control and relay protection systems - smart grid and renewable energy applications - training services of the supplied equipment The Engineering services cover design, supply, production, implementation, configuration, factory acceptance tests, commissioning works on site, site acceptance tests, training of control, RTU, SCADA, relay protection, communication, smart grid systems in Latvia and foreign countries. Energo Pro SIA's team of qualified specialists has responsible attitude and professional approach to the tasks according to customers requirements.

List of authorized area

Product Name Channel Type
Grid Automation & Communication Products - Protection and Control IEDs System Integrator
Grid Automation & Communication Products - MicroSCADA Pro System Integrator
Grid Automation & Communication Products - Remote Terminal Units System Integrator
Grid Automation & Communication Products - Modular Relays & Accessories System Integrator