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Episode 4: The Electric Future

Electron invites Emma to see the Electric Future – a futuristic world powered by renewable electricity. What technology will Emma encounter on her travels to this sustainable energy future? 

What will our future world look like?

Renewable electricity will power most of our world, from transport to smart cities! Most buildings will utilize built-in solar technology to generate their own energy for heating and cooling. With cars and other transport being powered by renewable electricity, there will be much less air pollution. Although electricity and technology will play an important role, we also need nature. You can expect much better use of our urban spaces with vertical gardens and much more greenery.  

What is an electric future?

This is a future where our energy needs are met by electricity that is generated from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. By 2050, there will be an incredible surge in demand for electricity resulting in the global power system transferring around three times the electricity energy compared to today. By this time, energy will more sustainable, and efficient, with electricity mainly being generated from renewables.

What are we doing now to make an electric future happen?

A sustainable world is one that meets present needs without compromising future generations. The electric revolution has already begun, from massive energy infrastructure changes to hidden technologies quietly operating in the background, designed to make our lives more enjoyable and sustainable. But it doesn’t stop there, we can all make an impact with our energy and consumption choices so future generations can benefit from a healthy and abundant planet.