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Hitachi Energy Service is a trusted lifecycle partner, providing customers with secure, sustainable, and innovative service solutions, globally.

Our Service offerings empower customers & partners to holistically manage the asset lifecycle—from start-of-life (e.g., Install & Commission), through services designed to strengthen operational-life (e.g., Upgrade, Repair & Extend), to end-of-life activities (e.g., Replace & Decommission)

Designed to adapt to every O&M strategy, services can be procured stand-alone or as part of an EnCompass™ partnership agreement.

Additionally, the net-zero transition begins with the Installed Base and we continue to innovate across our ‘Sustain & Decarbonize’ category, which includes our made-for-sustainability offerings. 

EnCompass™ Agreements

Our Encompass Agreements are a set of services that provide premium access to round-the-clock support, covering your products and systems and are enhanced with the ability to customize the level of support you require in order to meet your strategic goals.

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