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Features Jakarta, Indonesia 27-05-2020

1 min read

ABB Power Grids: staying stronger during Idul Fitri

The festivities of Idul Fitri usually are marked by a number of traditions. The practice of home-coming (mudik), is a significant part of it, followed with mass prayers, reuniting with loved ones in family gatherings and big holiday feasts.

With the spread of COVID-19, the government has urged people to maintain social distancing and prevent mudik to stem the spread of the virus.

But this does not prevent our colleagues to celebrate this special and sacred moments with family and loved ones. Many decided not to do mudik this year, only reuniting with close circle of relatives or immediate family. Some others were doing silaturahmi with families and relatives through video calls, sending virtual greetings and hugs. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and challenging for all of us. But even in the most difficult times, there are always hope and gratitude. And, in the spirit of festive Idul Fitri celebration, these are the sharing of joy and meaningful moments from our colleagues.


Frisna Priscilla

Communications Manager

Power Grids Indonesia