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Product Release Zurich, Switzerland 04-11-2020

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Maintenance release of REB500 version 8.3 (8.3.1)

A new version of REB500 version 8.3 has been released. The designation of this update is revision 8.3.1

New features and benefits

The following features are new in this release

- System and security related

• ANSI symbols have been added in the Web HMI single line diagram.

• ANSI versions of the manuals are available.

• Position information of disconnectors and circuit breakers can now be received via GOOSE communication.

• GGIO indications can now be send via GOOSE communication.

• The IEC61850 LTRK logical node has been made available to implement IEC 61850 service tracking.

• The IEC61850 LGOS logical node has been made available to supervise GOOSE subscriptions.

Corrected or changed features

The following has been corrected/improved in the new release:

- System and security related

• The central unit could spontaneously lock-up after weeks in operation.

• The local HMI on a bay unit could lock up.

• TCP/IP Stack (IPNET) Vulnerabilities (Urgent/11) have been resolved.

• Heavy Crafted IEC61850 Protocol Sequence Vulnerabilities have been resolved. 

• Improved diagnostic in case of communication interruptions of the REB500 system bus has been added.

• Corrected behavior on IEC 60870-5-103 when more than 8 bay units are used.

• Blocking inputs could shortly release at a restart of the central unit.

• ‘Extended Blocking Function for Bus Tie-Breaker' did not behave correctly for bay units that were not assigned to protection zones (e.g. bypass bus bar).

• The setting of BFP L0 was missing in the setting report.

• A database comparison was showing a non-existent error.

• Copy/Paste in HMI500 was giving incorrect results.

IED Connect support

A new version of HMI500, version 8.3.1 is available to support REB500. The existing PCM600 IED connectivity package for REB500 version 8.3 can continue to be used.

Documentation and marketing material 

The product guides, technical manuals, technical summary sheets, and brochures are available here.

Ordering and delivery 

All new orders on the REB500 version 8.3 products will be delivered with this latest version. Existing orders will be updated to version 8.3.1. 

For current delivery time, please get in touch with our sales contact at Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Grid Automation Products.

Procedures for ordering firmware update of installed REB500 version 8.3

Firmware update of the IED can be performed by the local Hitachi ABB Power Grids. If you have any questions related to this maintenance release, please contact SA-T Supportline.