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Meet Our People Ludvika, Sweden 13-10-2021

2 min read

Sofia is assembling and connecting our solutions to create a more sustainable grid

I work as a production employee and assemble a part of the valve at the HVDC unit in Ludvika, Sweden. It's so cool that the small part that I put together here in the production becomes a cog in a large HVDC facility somewhere in the world.

Together with my colleagues, I am proud to do my part of contributing to a more sustainable world by helping assemble new technologies that improve how clean energy is delivered at far distances.

I started working at Hitachi Energy in April. By then I had resigned from a permanent job in healthcare and it was a big step to take - but it became so good. This is a really fun job and I work in a great team where I felt welcome from day one. Hitachi Energy is an inclusive workplace where the team is more important than one’s self.

Although I have not worked here for a long time, a colleague and I have submitted an improvement proposal in our improvement box. It was about quality; about signing our work so you can go back and see who did what and get a chance to change and learn if something goes wrong. The quality of what we deliver is very important! Our proposal got us selected as the proposal of the month and the employee of the month. It felt amazing that it was appreciated.

What inspires me?

Definitely all my great colleagues. And having such a fun job is inspiring in itself. There are absolutely fantastic development opportunities here. Now I first want to become an expert in my assembly, but then I look forward to learning more about other parts of Hitachi Energy's operations.