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Meet Our People Guarulhos, Brazil 01-03-2022

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Fernanda Alves, Women in Service

My name is Fernanda Alves, I joined the company 21 years ago before it became Hitachi Energy. Here I met my husband, he was my internship colleague. We got married, made friendships that I know I will have for life. Now, I am 43 years old and have two wonderful children, a 9-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl.

I had the opportunity to work in several areas at Hitachi Energy, Quality, SCM, Plant Manager including an international opportunity and I could see that this is a global and multicultural company like few ones. All these experiences allow me to complement my vision of the business, better understanding the customers’ needs. 

Currently, I am General Manager of TCS – Transformer Components & Service in Brazil and I have been in this role for 6 years. I have over 200 people working with me between field and factory service staff. I am a manager who welcomes, respects others, knows how to extract the best from each individual and their diversities and that the team is inspired by the small actions I take as a manager. I've heard several times that I'm an example to the new generation of talent of how it's possible to balance firmness and lightness.

Our concern for the environment is permanent 

In a factory, we are concerned with how to improve the ways of consuming and disposing, seeking the best use of materials each year, at each stage. We are increasingly more advanced in virtual service, minimizing the use of fuel with machinery by using digital solutions, robotics and online monitoring for the diagnosis of transformers. On a daily basis, we utilize these technologies to minimize carbon emissions and also for the safety of our employees and customers.

I am proud to be Hitachi Energy because here I find receptive and favorable environment where I can make a positive contribution to the ones who work with me, to my customers and to the society, being part of an organization that grows and learns from its achievements and challenges. Everything I know and how I developed myself was for this company. I joined as an intern and am passionate about what I do.

What inspires me most about working at Hitachi Energy is being able to count on the diversity of the team to deliver business results.  

Teams are never the same

As a leader, I always try to engage people by showing everyone how they can contribute to the result. In this way, I believe that we have managed to make the best of all. Having diversity within the team allows us to achieve our goals by considering different points of view and in the best possible way.

I work with management in a very free manner. I try to give space and freedom so that people can work and contribute in their own way. Everyone knows what to do. Each one brings their own ideas. We discuss and always try to listen. I never had any problems being a woman, of people thinking that I would not have the capacity or authority. I try to maintain a very open and productive environment and people understand when we are serious, and we need to look for the result. 

We have already broken a lot of paradigms among the team, showing everyone, most of them men, that everyone is an important part of it all.