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Meet Our People Stone, Staffordshire, United Kingdom 31-03-2022

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Julie Rotchell, Women in Service

Julie Rotchell, #ProudToBeHitachiEnergy

Hi, I am Julie Rotchell and I am the Transformer Service Manager for the UK (United Kingdom). Having spent nearly 4 decades in Power Engineering I have undertaken a number of roles from Engineering, Tendering, Project Management and Operations Manager both here in the UK and around the world. During my working life I have continued my education to achieve further qualifications, including my MBA, but more importantly to learn about new technologies and developments made in the industry. 

As Transformer Service Manager, I get to lead and work with a great team to support the asset management and maintenance of the many transformers we have designed, manufactured, and installed for all the different and varying applications. In recent years, I have targeted the development of the team to support growth in new and expanding areas including offshore renewables, both on the substation platform and within the turbines. Presenting our portfolio to our potential clients is always interesting, to understand their needs and how we can support. Providing lifecycle management and monitoring, service and maintenance support and repairs to extend the life expectancy of their equipment and at end of life ensuring the safe disposal of units to ensure maximum recovery of recyclable materials. Securing the generation and supply whilst maximizing equipment’s longevity.


Helping improve the lives of many 

Throughout my working life I feel that, in a small way, our work and projects have contributed to secure power systems around the world. More recently to improve the system’s reliability and sustainability of the UK, especially with the increase in renewable generation. The Service Environment gives us access to the front line to help adapt the existing resources to be suitable for the necessary changes in the grid.

Today, I look to involve myself and support others into the industry and often provide support through Founders4Schools and at my own daughter’s school to provide insight into the opportunities available to both girls and boys within Engineering. I have mentored graduates within our own business to provide them with someone who will listen and offer some guidance to develop. I empower the Service team members to look outside of their area of comfort and take on a greater role, providing support and training to do so. 

Here in Transformer Repair & Engineering Services (TRES) in the UK, 30% of our resource at all levels is female and nationalities from around the world. 

I have had the opportunity to meet many exceptional Engineers and individuals and travel the world, getting an understanding of the differing cultures and how we can all work together to deliver on one common goal. Each day of my life feels like there is something different to learn and I hope to instill that in those I now work with and provide and diverse environment to develop and grow for this changing environment. 

As a woman in Engineering, one compliment I received that I am probably most proud of was to be asked to be part of the female STEM exhibition at the Science Museum in London. At the time they looked to find examples across all engineering areas and I was selected to represent Power Engineering. Following numerous interviews, I became the character in the STEM Engineering game that remained as an exhibit today allowing for my own daughter and niece to discover on visits over the last few years.

Proud to be part of the Hitachi Energy family 

I am proud to be part of the people and experts who make this excellent work environment. The impact we have on the industry and environment to improve electricity system across the UK and the rest of the world is exemplified through better sharing of generation, improved renewable sources of generation and extended life of existing resources whilst maintaining and improving reliability.