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Meet Our People 02-11-2023

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Meet our people: Daniel Cramer

My team will laugh at this one, but if you're not failing, then you're not trying hard enough. We set large stretch goals for our team which help our team grow.

Hello from Lake Ozark, Missouri, USA! I’m a Domain Manager for marketing and sales, communications, and service applications in North America. I started working in this role in March 2020. Safe to say, it’s been a fabulous adventure. We’ve grown in terms of the size of our team, establishing a strategy, and widening our range of applications.

We maintain the service, security, and infrastructure that our stakeholders use – whether on a daily or infrequent basis. My job is to create the strategy and decide which applications best fit our current goals and strategies. We then build a plan around that and ensure the team executes that plan. We've got our order management, configuration management, and reporting management. But there are, of course, many tools in that bucket that we won't go into as it would take too long!

We work on those that drive business strategy and decisions, as well as report on how our business is doing. We work with the manufacturer as the end user in this case, so they get to see the whole business from end to end. That makes requirements distinct and drives for very custom solutions in most cases.

I will set large stretch goals for my team, such as learning a new coding language – it’s a stretch but these opportunities help our team grow.

When it comes to managing what I like to say is - if you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough. My only ask is you don't fail twice at the same thing. My teammates will laugh at that, as it’s a speech I give to all the new colleagues, but it helps everyone refresh their thinking. We all have a stretch goal that we're trying to meet. This applies to both managers and employees. 

Just remember, the scale can be grandiose, but the best way to eat an elephant – is one bite at a time.

Just remember, the scale can be grandiose, but the best way to eat an elephant – is one bite at a time.