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Executive Team of Hitachi Energy

Yoshihiko Kawamura, Executive Vice President and Executive Officer, Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Hitachi, Ltd., is Chair of Hitachi Energy’s Board. Hitachi Energy's Executive Team is our top management body that has day-to-day responsibilities for key aspects of our company's operations. The Executive Team normally meets once a month to discuss matters such as financial performance, major development projects, competence development, succession planning, along with other strategic business priorities, such as sustainability and diversity & inclusion. The Executive Team is committed to serving the interests of the business and achieving sustainable growth in company value. 

Meet our Executive Team

The members of the Hitachi Energy's Executive Team are jointly responsible for the management of the company and decide on the basic issues of business strategy and policy.  

Urs Dogwiler

Chief Transformation Officer (CTrO) and Global Head of Supply Chain Management, Quality, Operations & Common Shared Services.

Noaman Amjad

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer; Head of Japan, South America and South Korea


Raja Radhakrishnan

Sr Vice President, Country HR Director

Akilur Rahman

Chief Technology Officer

Karthik Krishnamurthi

Country Head Sales & Marketing

Atul Pandit

Sr Vice President, Transformers

Rupinder Singh

Sr Vice President, High Voltage Products

Ahmad Khan

Sr Vice President, Grid Automation

Ramkumar D

Sr Vice President, Grid Power Quality Solutions

Saji S

Sr Vice President, HVDC and HVDC Service

Poovanna Ammatanda

General Counsel, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Manashwi Banerjee

Head of Communications

Meet our Board of Directors

Yoshihiko Kawamura

Executive Vice President and Executive Officer, Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Hitachi, Ltd., and Chair of the Board of Hitachi Energy Ltd.

Frank Duggan

ABB Ltd and Vice Chair of the Board, Hitachi Energy

Seiichiro Nukui

Hitachi, Ltd. and Board Member

Ryuichi Otsuki

Hitachi, Ltd. and Board Member

Manuel Valverde

Hitachi, Ltd. and Board Member

Timo J. Ihamuotila

ABB Ltd and Board Member