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Point-on-Wave vacuum switch PS+ SynC

The PS+ SynC is Hitachi Energy’s next-generation, digitally enabled vacuum switch developed to provide transient free, smooth, and reliable operation.  Incorporating best-in-class vacuum technology, the PS+ SynC reduces system stress and end user life cycle costs, while improving network power quality.

Built upon over 20 years’ experience with the proven PS switch range platform, the PS+ SynC combines Hitachi Energy's time-tested design reliability with modern, state-of-the-art digital capability.  This combination provides valuable performance insights with high operational reliability to users.

All PS+ SynC units are delivered ready to install and be “plug-and-play” capable either as a packaged solution or standalone product, fully tested and calibrated from the factory minimising installation and commissioning time on site.


Used for capacitor switching in:

  • Pole-mounted capacitor banks
  • Open rack capacitor banks (medium voltage)
  • Metal-enclosed capacitor banks

Apart from Hitachi Energy’s capacitor banks, PS+ SynC vacuum switches can also be used in OEM solutions, integrated with third-party components and controllers.

Why Hitachi Energy?

 PS+ SynC offers following advantages:

  • Time-tested, reliable vacuum dielectric technology
  • Point-on-Wave (PoW) technology ensuring transient-free switching
  • Closed loop self-calibration
  • Wireless communications
  • Low maintenance design
  • Compatibility with all types of third-party components and majority of controllers
  • Assured after sales support across the globe
Brief performance data
Parameter Unit Value
Rated max. voltage (L-L / L-N) kVrms 15.5 / 27
Impulse withstand voltage (Line to ground / Open contact kV (BIL) 125 / 95
Continuous current, 50 / 60 Hz A 200 / 400
Capacitive switching current, 50 / 60 Hz A 200 / 400
Fault making current (symmetrical / peak assymetrical) A 6000 / 15000
Control voltage range VAC 90 - 265
Operating temperature range °C / °F -40 to 65 / -40 to 149
Mechanical endurance No. of operations 50,000
Restrike category as per IEEE 37.66 Class C2
Additional features  

Internally stored data logging

LED indication of position / status

Local wireless communications

Point-on-Wave switching

Trip on loss of line or supply voltage