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Strong security partners

The Industrial Security Center combines the expert knowledge and experience of Hitachi Energy, Securitas, and Telekom Security. Information on cyber, physical, and OT security is collected and analyzed by teams of experts in real-time. The Security Operations Centers process all of the data and react quickly. This allows utility companies to focus on the operation of their plants. The Industrial Security Center takes care of security.

Leading Global OEM for OT Systems

Hitachi Energy is a provider of technical energy and automation products, systems and service solutions across the supply chain of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution for customers from the utility sector, industry, and the transport and infrastructure sector.

Expert in Protecting Critical Infrastructure with SOC

Telekom Security operates some of the largest integrated Security Operating Centers (SOC) across the globe. It offers expertise in the protection of data and critical infrastructure. With decades of experience, Telekom Security helps companies to respond faster to attacks and threats.


Global leader in physical security

Securitas AB offers a wide range of services, including specialist surveillance, technology solutions, consultation, and investigations. Securitas adapts offers to individual customer requirements in order to deliver the most effective security solutions.


What they say about us

„… The ISC was developed to overcome the intelligence and operational gaps caused by siloes. In a traditional model, there is no shared intelligence, limited collaboration and no joint operations. The ISC flips the siloed approach, uniting operations through a shared, multi-dimensional SOC."

Westlands Advisory

„… This innovative approach offers a comprehensive defense against attacks while also covering regulations and legacy operations. This provides full security for the critical operation of facilities, which makes it a perfect example in the IoT space, where the edges of security are both physical and virtual in a rapidly changing world."

SITSI -PAC BLOG, 9/12/2021

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