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Release of SAM600 version 1.1

SAM600 process bus I/O system: Enabling the digital substation


SAM600 process bus I/O system make substations safer and easier to upgrade and simplify operations and maintenance through a substation’s entire life cycle. SAM600 interfaces conventional instrument transformers and can integrate with non-conventional instrument transformers as well, thus bringing the advantages of digital substations to new and existing installations. 

The modularity of SAM600 systems allow for a broad application coverage. Built for the harshest environments, SAM600 modules can be placed alongside primary equipment in the switchyard, collecting information directly from the source and converting it into IEC 61850-9-2 digital format. 

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Discover the full range of benefits below:


  • As the high-voltage termination is moved to the field, maintenance and upgrade activities on the secondary system side on the protection and control panels are safe to execute.
  • Easy to maintain and replace without switching off the complete bay.

Outage time reduction during retrofit upgrades and maintenance

  • Process bus systems with optical cables is placed on-site while the old system is still in service. Service interruption window can be shortened when switching from old to new.
  • Safe maintenance and upgrades on protection and control panels as the electric-to-digital interface is placed in field. Higher degree of supervision allows to switch to preventive maintenance schemes.


  • Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and tested building blocks of SAM600 kiosks can be easily deployed. Possibility to late project changes and reduced risk on cable engineering, as process bus communication relies on IEC 61850. Testing and verification becomes more automated, thus reducing effort and equipment.

Easy to extend, limited number of spare parts

  • Modular product design optimally adapts to any application. Possible to integrate into primary switchgear.


  Feature Benefit
  • Closed housing if mounted horizontally
  • Protected against splash water
  • Operational LEDs at the front
  • Device status visible directly when opening panel door
  • Synchronization via IEEE1588 (profile IEC 61850-9-3)
  • Synchronization via 1PPS (optional)
  • SAM600-TS module optional in system design
  • Native synchronization to IEEE1588 clocks or between SAM600 systems > No additional synchronization cabling required
  • Interface with existing master clocks providing 1PPS
  • Suitable solution to system requirements
  • IEC 61850-9-2 stream bridging with any communication port in a SAM600 system
  • More flexibility in communication architecture design
  • Reduced need for switches
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