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Traction transformers for locomotives

More than half the world’s electrical locomotives and train sets are powered by Hitachi Energy transformers, and the vast majority of the world’s train manufacturers and rail operators rely on them.

Hitachi Energy's traction transformers are integral to this capability. Their function is to transfer electric power from the catenary to the motor by lowering the network’s high-voltage to low-voltage for use by the converters. They have to be compact, lightweight, and exceptionally reliable, as they are often a non-redundant traction component.

Engineered for very harsh and demanding environments, the transformers are designed to power heavy freight loads over long distances of more than 1,000 km and on tracks with many challenges - steep profiles, short curve radii, excessive wear, voltage drops in long sections, and extreme low and high temperatures. 


Product scope:

  • Electrical
    • Power: 6,000 - 12,500 kVA
    • Network: 25 kV/50 Hz; 15 kV/16 2/3 Hz; 1.5 kV/DC; 3 kV 7 DC; 11 kV/16 2/3 Hz; 12 kV/25 Hz; 12.5 kV/60 Hz; 25 kV/60 Hz
    • Insulating fluid: ester or mineral
    • Insulation class: A, Hybrid, F, and H
  • Mechanical
    • Weight: 6,000 - 15,000 kg
    • Size (L x I x H): approx. 2.5 x 2 x 1 m and 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 m (under frame)
    • Assembly on vehicle: under frame or machine room
    • Tank material: aluminum, low and high-temperature steel
  • Accessories
    • Cooling system, pumps, and oil flow indicator
    • Oil level detector
    • Overpressure valve
    • PT100 for thermal control
    • Thermostat, filling, and draining valves
    • Buchholz relay
    • Current measurement
Transformers for locomotive
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