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DynaPeaQ ® Energy Storage System – A UK first

DynaPeaQ ® Energy Storage System – A UK first

UK Power Networks has installed a DynaPeaQ® dynamic energy storage system at a site in Norfolk in England in collaboration with Hitachi Energy and Durham University. The system is based on Hitachi Energy’s SVC Light®, combined with a Lithiumion battery storage and is located in an 11 kV grid with considerable
penetration of wind power.

Interest in electrical Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is increasing as the electricity supply industry is faced with growing pressures including the accommodation of distributed generation, management of ageing assets and avoidance of network reinforcement. Among other things, energy storage can be expected to help overcome the issues of intermittent power production (such as wind and solar), and in a Smart Grid development perspective, energy storage should come to play a natural part.

This is the first time an electrical energy storage device has been installed on an 11 kV distribution network in the UK. Commissioning of the installation was finalized in the spring of 2011.

The project was financially supported through GB regulator Ofgem’s Innovation Funding Incentive scheme.

The integration of energy storage systems into transmission and distribution networks has the potential to provide significant benefits at all points in the supply chain. Increased penetration of Distributed Generation (DG), particularly based on renewable energy resources, is driving the need for distributed energy storage to provide services that will allow existing network assets to continue to deliver reliable, high quality electricity. 

The installation will yield dynamic voltage control in the 11 kV distribution system and at the same time enable dynamic storage of surplus energy from wind farms, which can be utilized to level out peaks in grid loading and enable increased grid stability. Using this strategy, it should be possible to enable the power harnessed from the wind to be put to more efficient use than would otherwise be possible.

The dynamic energy storage system deployed by UK Power Networks was designed and built as a turn-key project by Hitachi Energy. It is an add-on to the well established Hitachi Energy SVC Light, a fast PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled, IGBT based converter used for tasks such as voltage control, flicker mitigation and active filtering. 

Main data
System voltage
11 kV
Reactive power range 600 kvar inductive to 725 kvar capacitive
Energy storage capability 200 kwh
Active power capability 200 kW during an hour;
600 kW during a few minutes
VSC Rated at 850 kVA;
3-level, neutral point clamped type
IGBT based, pulse-width modulated
Type of battery Li-ion