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Customer Success Story

Los Alamos

SVC for increased power transmission capacity in subtransmission network

A static Var Compensator (SVC) rated at 46 Mvar inductive to 135 Mvar capacitive at 115 kV supplied by Hitachi Energy has been in operation since 1997 at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA. The Purposes of the SVC installation are to achieve dynamic voltage stabilization in the Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico area, thus minimizing power outages caused by voltage dips coming from outside sources, as well as to increase the active power import capability of the existing regional sub-transmission system.

The SVC improves the dynamic performance of the system and provides critical voltage support to the LANL loads during transmission system disturbances.

Damping of voltage oscillations following disturbances in the overriding 345 kV system is likewise improved by the SVC. A benefit and purpose of the application of the SVC is the enhancement of power delivery capability of the sub-transmission system due to the “stiffening” of the system by the SVC.

The SVC is located at the Laboratory’s 115 kV ETA substation. Electric power wheeled by the Public Service Company of New Mexico and other utilities is delivered to Los Alamos via two 115 kV sub-transmission lines. 

Main data
System SVC
Commissioning year 1997
Controlled voltage
115 kV
 SVC rating 50 Mvar (inductive) to 100 Mvar (capacitive ) at 1,03 p.u. and 0,85 p.u.respectively. 
46 Mvar (inductive) to 135 Mvar (capacitive) on a 115 kV base (1,00 p.u.).
 Control system Three-phase voltage control by means of redundant voltage regulators. Regulator functions include strategy selection and gain supervision/ optimization.
 Thyristor valves Water-cooled three-phase valves with indirect light triggering.

Los Alamos: SVC for increased power transmission capacity