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Customer Success Story

Samso Island, Denmark

Solutions for integrating renewables

Today when climate change is a key concern, a small island in Denmark, Samso, is demonstrating the green energy transition.

Samso is an island powered by renewable energy 100%. All the electricity requirement of this island is met by over 20 offshore and onshore wind turbines. Now, Samso has set another ambitious target to be fossil fuel free by 2030. Under the European Commission’s framework program for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, it has initiated the conversion to electric transportation, starting with the marinas.

Tourism in Samso peaks in summer months, when hundreds of boats come to the marinas on the island. During this time, the energy demand increases, as these boats need to be charged. This causes fluctuations in the power network of Samso. To address this demand, an integrated energy system, consisting of solar power generation linked to battery energy storage solution, has been installed at Ballen marina on the island.

The modular energy storage solution comprises of Hitachi Energy's intelligent energy storage inverter, lithium ion batteries and energy management software from leading Danish battery management solutions provider Lithium Balance A/S.

Using the inverter, the batteries can be charged and discharged with precise control. The energy storage solution can also perform functions like peak load shaving. Through 340 charging points, it can support energy demand of up to 10,000 boats per year.

When it comes to sustainability, Samso island is setting the best possible example for the world to follow and Hitachi Energy continues to enable stronger, smarter and greener grids.

Main data
Year of installation 2019
Type of product Energy storage inverter
Number of units 1
Output capacity 50 kW
Voltage 415 V
Frequency 50 Hz