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In partnership with IDC – Sweat your assets, not your budget

According to IDC’s research, the average cost of downtime across utilities, mining and oil & gas in the Asia Pacific region is approximately US$125,000 per hour.

For asset-heavy operations across the energy value chain, it has always been critical to manage assets and the associated processes in order to minimise downtime and optimise costs. Current technology and improving data capabilities are a key component in achieving those goals, and they provide a reliable foundation to the business. To capture these opportunities, however, you need to ensure that you’re putting your budget towards the right assets, and the right activities. And to do that, you need to know more about the future of your assets-for better decision making across your organization, from the field to the boardroom.

This engaging webinar features a panel of industry leaders discussing how they leverage enterprise solutions to address these challenges. You will hear how their organisations are making better decisions, driving a more intelligent asset management approach, improving productivity, and enhancing safety.

Why should you attend?

IDC leads an analysis of the industry trends and practical applications of technology that can support industrial operational transformation. Together with guest panelists, we discuss:

  • The challenges industrial companies are facing across the energy value chain in terms of asset operations
  • The focus areas that are critical to success in those transformations
  • Practical advice on the steps companies should take to improve operational reliability through effective asset management

Who is this for?

The webinar is for operational and technology leaders in asset intensive industries looking to start or to continue their journey of transformation to connected, intelligent and autonomous asset operations that enable the ability to create and utilise insights from operational data at scale.



Laurie Curro

Head of Power Systems
Horizon Power

Partha P Basu

Asia Pacific Region Discipline Technology Leader

Ang Seng Kok

General Manager
SP PowerGrid

Benjamin Kirkwood

Senior Research Manager
IDC Australia

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