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Multi-terminal HVDC system

​As more and more renewable energy is developed, also due to the demand on optimal use of transmission lines and operational flexibility, point to point transmission has been extended into multi-terminal or DC grid application.

​Therefore, the latest development of HVDC technologies is introduced and grid-enabled solutions, i.e. ready or prepared for a multi-terminal configuration are being installed. Those solutions, multi-terminal HVDC systems, refer to multi-converters in radial or meshed DC networks which allows for in-feed from additional stations, such as future wind power plants.

​Join us to learn more about how the multi-terminal HVDC solutions from Hitachi Energy HVDC can help to increase the integration of renewable energy and enhance the security of power supply in the network.



Peter Lundberg

Global Product Manager for HVDC
Hitachi Energy

​Peter Lundberg is the Global Product Manager for HVDC Interconnectors in Hitachi Energy. He studied Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology; Gothenburg, Sweden, M.SC Elec Eng 1989 and Lic Eng 1994. 

He joined Hitachi Energy Corporate Research, in 1994, and became part of the ABBs development of voltage source converter for transmission solutions. In 2001 he joined the HVDC business unit working with R&D, technology management and product management. Peter interest of technology is power electronics and power systems. He is also a member of Cigré and part of CENELEC working groups.

Kerstin Linden
Kerstin Lindén

Lead Engineer
Hitachi ABB Power Grids

​Kerstin Lindén graduated as M.Sc.E.E. and Tech.Lic.E.E. at Chalmers University of Technology, CTH, Gothenburg, Sweden in 1988 and 1992, respectively.

She has 30 years’ experience in power systems and HVDC/HVAC-interaction and is currently working as Principal Project Lead Engineer in HVDC tenders and projects at Hitachi Energy. Before joining Hitachi Energy/HVDCand the role as R&D Project Manager for DC Grids in 2009, she worked as technical manager at STRI, responsible for power system analysis. She has also worked as a lecturer at Mälardalen University and at Hitachi Energy T&D University, Sweden, where she planned and taught international courses in power systems. She is a member of Cigré, and was Secretary in WG B4-52“HVDC grid feasibility study” TB533, April 2013, and Convener in WG B4-58,“Control methodologies for direct voltage and power flow in a meshed HVDC grid", TB 699, Sept 2017.

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Hybrid HVDC breaker - Enabling the DC grids of the future

Learn more about how the Hybrid HVDC Breaker from Hitachi Energy can help to shape the DC grids of the future and increase access to reliable and affordable energy for all.


Hitachi Energy HVDC technology

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